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About Judo

Come along and start training at North Birmingham Judo Club. 
We have something for everyone including Judo, BJJ and traditional Nihon JuJitsu. 
Suitable for practitioners of all levels.



Judo is a martial art devised by Jigoro Kano a Japanese educator and Jujitsu master. In addition to being an effective martial art Judo is also an Olympic sport. Judo teaches effective methods of throwing opponents to the floor and a variety of disabling joint locks and strangles. The competitive sporting aspects of Judo actually complement the self defence aspects. This is because when training for competitions students learn to apply their techniques against live opponents giving 100% resistance. New students can expect to learn judo etiquette, falling techniques, throws and holds. As their confidence and physical conditioning improves they are introduced to gentle randori (sparring). As students progress new opportunities become available and they often choose to grade and compete in competitions. Our students are also taught the self defence aspect of Judo which gives them the skills to deal with all manner of threatening situations.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu


Brazilian Jiujitsu is a martial art developed by the Gracie Family in Brazil. It is largely a modified form of Judo which specialises in ground fighting and self defence and has proved itself to be high effective in mixed martial arts tournaments.  The Brazilian Jiujitsu programme has been developed to run alongside the Judo classes in order to ensure our Judoka are some of the most rounded and complete martial artists you'll find anywhere.

Nihon Jiu-jitsu


At North Birmingham Judo Club we also run adhoc training sessions in Japanese (Nihon) Jujitsu. Our Nihon Jujitsu system blends Judo with striking techniques and joint locks. Some of our club members compete in Sports Jujitsu Tournaments in which competitors can grapple, kick and punch. The adhoc sessions are taught on demand by the three time British Champion.

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